Saturday, July 15, 2006

The real reason we should be talking about Zidane

Sure, this guy chose to end a brilliant career by blowing a gasket. Sure, maybe Materazzi called him the "Son of a terrorist whore." Big deal. Why is no one talking about what's really important? The guy dropped Materazzi with a brutal head butt! That's cool. The force he gets out of his forehead is amazing! I wish I could do that. I was going to attend his football camp but now forget it. I want to go to his head butt camp. Imagine the damage I could do at the bars if I could head butt like that.


I also like the despair in the French announcer's voice. "Mais, pourquoi? Mais pourquoi?" "But, why? But, why?" You don't get that kind of pathos from Costas or Joe Buck, do you?

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