Saturday, July 15, 2006

Gun to your head, deserted island poll #1 - Which Jennifer?

Ok, here's the situation. You're on a deserted island, someone has a gun to your head and is forcing you to select a Jennifer. If you can't do it, they pull the trigger.

So make your selection in the comments now.

- Lopez
- Tilly
- Aniston
- Garner
- Connelly
- Jason Leigh
- Love Hewitt
- Beals
- Grey
- Esposito
- Coolidge
- Government
- Other

Make your selection now, or he pulls the trigger.


Michael Yass said...

For the record, I pick Connelly

D said...

God, what an awful prospect. I choose Aniston - at least there's a lot to talk about.

Patty said...

I choose Aniston too!

thanks, is something like " Zidane head-butted Vs Chuck Noris"
in orkut...nothing very important:P


Jim McKee said...

Garner, hands-down.

They can use the gun to kill Ben Ass-Lick.